We are proud to be celebrating 40 years of expertise in commercial architectural products!

Services for Contractors

Improve your bids and streamline product purchasing for all your commercial projects.

You probably didn’t go into construction for the paperwork.

There’s a lot you could accomplish if you could build more and shuffle less paper.

So when it comes to products for the job, we handle everything you need to document and manage.

We do all the product calculations to help you create top-notch, perfectly priced bids.

And when you get the work, we get you the products. All the way from on paper to onsite, seamlessly.

Bid and Product Purchasing Services for Commercial Contractors

Our technical expertise and vendor relationships eliminate your product to-do list.


Product Pricing and Estimating

When a commercial project design hits the street, you want to be fast with a clean and compelling bid.

We get you the exact pricing for all the architectural products in the design, right up front.

Plus, we give you product alternatives that the bid might require, or that your client might want to see — like brand, model, quantity, and placement options.

You can take our product information and drop it into an RFP, RFQ, or any bidding document. Use it to negotiate with owners, clients, and subcontractors.

We help you win the work and protect your bottom line.


Construction Takeoff Services

From initial draft to delivery to your client, we create the takeoff for all the architectural products you need to include in a commercial project.

Our takeoffs are professionally written, polished, and bid-ready. Best of all, they're totally done for you.

For your clients, they illustrate product quantity and placement.

For you, they support your building information modeling, the prices you quote, the bids you submit, and all your scheduling and prep for the project.

Let us take the takeoff.


Product Scope Reviews

Got the job? Congrats! We offer scope reviews that shorten and simplify your project ramp-up.

In scope reviews, we meet with you one-on-one to review the details of the project. We determine all the types and quantities of the products you need and when you need them.

We also talk price. We help you compare alternatives and put any shifting cost factors on your radar.

A product scope review keeps you on track and in budget, with full transparency and without all the work.


Product Management

We offer end-to-end product-related services for your building projects: ordering, tracking, delivery management, and vendor communication.

We're your single point of contact for architectural products. All the way from pre-construction to project completion.

Now you can avoid all the phone calls, forms, chatbots, and help desks.

Plus, we untangle any product snags if they happen. But we usually prevent them before they do. Our long-standing relationships with vendors and manufacturers means we know exactly how to fast-track your orders.


Onsite Product Advisory

You’re on the ground with your commercial building projects from day one with site evaluations, constructability reviews, field administration, and project oversight.

And any time you need us, we’re right there with you.

When owners make changes, when projects reveal challenges, or when product questions pop up, we’ll work with you onsite to deliver answers.

We stick around after the sale, always.

Premier Architectural Products for Commercial Construction Projects

We offer standout products you’re proud to deliver and install, at prices that make you and your clients happy.

Why Use Our Contractor Services?

Because they’re an ROI slam dunk.

Win more bids

Pricing rules the day. It often overshadows your references, experience, and start date in your bids. We help you absolutely nail product pricing so your bids are transparent, fair, and attractive.

Build your reputation

Quality products are just as important as a quality build, because the products are a lot more visible. Stack up referrals and grow your brand with superior products that impress your clients.

Support your project management

We make it a lot easier for you to juggle your work on multiple commercial projects while you plan for more. Delegate your product needs and tasks to us, and we handle them with your timeline, costs, and reputation in mind.

Optimize your team

If we’re not managing product for you, then you or someone on your staff is. But your hourly rate is high and theirs adds up. Product is our day job so it doesn’t have to be yours.

Bid your next project with radical product visibility, quality, and efficiency.