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Premier Architectural Products from Idea to Installation

The perfect products for commercial space have a huge role to play. They must support the project vision, enhance the user experience, uphold structural integrity, and deliver sustainability.

They also have to look gorgeous and last for years to come.

RJ Bridges is the product expert that helps architects and contractors check every box.

Here’s how we partner with you on architectural building products:


Products for Your Designs and Schematics

We help you discover and select products that establish a superior basis of design and that fit project goals precisely.


Product Purchasing

We manage the entire purchasing process for each product you choose. We handle ordering, tracking, delivery, and vendor communication.


Product Technical Documentation

We supply the specification documents and construction takeoffs for all the products we sell. No more combing through websites, digital catalogs, or data sheets for the info buried inside.


Green Products

All the products we offer, and all our vendor and manufacturer partners, support your sustainability goals, such as LEED certification.

Expansion Joint Covers

For flawless transitions between joint openings

Temperature changes, settlement, wind, and weather require expansion joints. And a seamless user experience requires disguising them well.

We offer expansion joint covers that preserve the aesthetic and safety of any built environment. They’re design enhancements rather than design challenges.

Types of Expansion Joint Covers

  • Floor joint covers
  • Wall and ceiling joint covers
  • Parking joint covers
  • Exterior joint covers
  • Tile joints
  • Fire, moisture, and acoustic barrier accessories

Our Partner for Expansion Joint Covers

Architectural Louvers

For optimal airflow and protection from the elements, with magnificent design

Architectural louvers are a design sweet spot: they perform essential functions, like delivering clean air to building occupants and protecting buildings from weather and debris. And they bring polish and flair to a building’s design.

We offer architectural louvers that protect your built environment while giving it just the facade you’re looking for.

Types of Architectural Louvers

  • Storm resistant
  • Extreme weather resistant
  • Blast resistant
  • Acoustic
  • Drainable and non-drainable
  • Bold line or thin line
  • Operational or fixed
  • Sightproof

Our Partner for Architectural Louvers

Louvered Equipment Screens

For transforming unwanted views into integral design elements

The day-to-day business of a building doesn’t always do favors for its view. Mechanical systems, trash, and other necessities on rooftops or adjoining spaces have always presented a concealment challenge.

We offer louvered equipment screens that turn a design challenge into a design opportunity. They help you turn a visual barrier into a visual experience.

Types of Louvered Equipment Screens

  • Horizontal or vertical blades
  • Standard or metallic colors
  • Metal or wood grain patterns

Our Partner for Louvered Screens

Louvered Glass Units

For privacy, hygiene, and environmental control, without maintenance

Cordless louvers or blinds between airtight glass panes are sleek and brilliant. They’re both a design element and a maintenance-free tool for controlling light, heat, sound, and line of vision.

We offer louvered glass units for interior spaces where you need adjustable visibility, infection prevention, and contaminant control. We also offer them for exterior spaces where you need to reduce energy consumption.

Types of Louvered Glass Units

  • Double or triple-glazed units
  • Tempered or laminated tempered glass
  • Low-E glass
  • Lead glass
  • Protective glass: fire-rated, security, and laser-protective varieties
  • One-way mirror glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Glass-clad, standard, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate
  • Ceramic frit of sandblasted glass
  • Printed Glass

Our Partner for Louvered Glass Units


For sun control solutions with powerful visual impact

Sun control has never looked so good. It features modern materials in a variety of shapes, patterns, textures, and mounting options.

We offer sunshades that improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, regulate temperature, and filter light beautifully in all your built environments.

Types of Sunshades

  • Cantilevered
  • Suspended
  • Linear
  • Twisted extrusion
  • LED lighting-enabled
  • Shadow projection-enabled
  • Dapple-effect enabled
  • Cable-restrained for a floating effect

Our Partner for Sunshades

Translucent Daylighting
Metal Framed Glass Skylights

For bright interior spaces and energy-efficient building envelopes

Daylighting is an always-advancing art and science. Beyond bringing natural light to indoor environments, modern daylighting systems can serve as dramatic, signature features and deliver precise thermal control.

We offer translucent daylighting systems that suit any type of facade or assembly and perform in any type of structure or site.

Types of Translucent Daylighting

  • Glass and fiberglass systems
  • Windows
  • Storefronts
  • Curtain wall systems
  • Roof systems
  • Skylights, including metal-framed glass assemblies
  • Canopies
  • Cladding and rain screens

Our Partners for Translucent Daylighting

Composite and Laminate Panels

For a layer of protection and a design statement in all types of architectural elements

Entrances, columns, walls, soffits, and fascias are all opportunities for cladding. It can define a building’s identity and give it durability.

We offer metal composite and laminate panels that serve as standout focal points, blended elements, detailed finishes, and unexpected touches for your projects. All panels are lightweight, strong, and sustainable, so they not only look great but perform well .

Types of Composite and Laminate Panels

  • Field-assembled or shop-fabricated
  • Aluminum composite material
  • Metal Composite material
  • Manufactured wood laminate
  • Glazing infill

Our Partner for Composite and Laminate Panels

Extruded Aluminum Cladding

For wall assemblies that combine modern durability with any look you can imagine 

Extruded aluminum cladding can deliver an aesthetic that’s natural or industrial, classic or contemporary, charming or formal. Plus it insulates, repels water, and supports indoor environmental quality.

We offer extruded aluminum cladding for both siding and soffit applications in a nearly endless variety of finishes.

Types of Extruded Aluminum Cladding

  • Tongue and groove, rear-ventilated planks
  • Large-format panel systems
  • Open joint beams, fins, or planks
  • Woodgrain, solid, and specialty aluminum finishes

Our Partner for Extruded Aluminum Cladding

Aluminum Fire-Rated Systems

Windows, doors, facades, partitions, roofs, and skylights that protect built environments and everyone inside

It doesn’t get more important than minimizing the risk of fire, smoke, and toxic gases in the spaces you build.

We offer fire-resistant and fire-protective systems that deliver safety while compromising nothing in modern functionality or beauty. Your commercial building designs can build peace of mind right into the aesthetic.

Types of Aluminum Fire-Rated Systems

  • Fire-resistance classes E/EW/EI 30 through 160
  • Fire rating of 30 through 120
  • Large variety of thicknesses, finishes, and accessories
  • Insulated aluminum framing with laminated glass
  • Extruded and filled aluminum profiles
  • Steel and glass solutions

Our Partners for Fire-Rated Systems 

Fire-Rated Glass Systems

Windows, doors, facades, partitions, skylights, and floors that build safety into seamless design

Choosing between light and fire protection is a thing of the past. Today’s fire-protective and fire-resistant glass systems free your vision and your designs. You can deliver safety through beautiful products instead of cumbersome ones.

We offer fire-rated glass and glazing products for any building application you’re designing, in any industry, and for any client, even those with the most rigorous demands for fire and smoke protection.

Types of Fire-Rated Glass Systems

  • Clear fire-protective tempered safety glass
  • Filmed, laminated, insulated, and butt-joint glazing
  • High safety ratings regarding symmetrical impact, hose-stream tests, and exposure time
  • Full systems and hardware for escape routes and compartmentalization

Our Partners for Fire-Rated Glass Systems  

Mailboxes and Postal Systems

For a centralized mail area that’s also an enjoyable daily visit

We offer mailboxes for commercial and multifamily residential spaces that keep mail and deliveries secure, hold up through season after season, and exceed U.S. Post Office requirements.

Types of Commercial Mail Systems

  • Cluster box units
  • Outdoor parcel lockers
  • Wall-mounted units that meet USPS (STD-4C) regulations, recessed or surface mount
  • Depot cabinets
  • Package protectors
  • Horizontal systems, front and rear load
  • Vertical systems, recessed or surface mount
  • Electronic lockers
  • Accessories including key keepers, directories, and door chimes

Our Partner for Commercial Mail Systems  

Interior, Trash, Linen, and Recycling Chutes

For waste, recycle, and linen chutes with incredible attention to detail

When you take special care with the trash and linen chutes you provide for clients, they’ll know for certain that your commitment to impeccable design is real.

We offer the most advanced commercial trash and linen chutes available today. Their sound-dampening technology, locking channels, and sanitizing features make them the quietest, strongest, and cleanest on the market.

Types of Trash and Linen Chutes

  • Cluster box units
  • Debris chutes for construction sites
  • Linen and laundry chutes for hospitals, hotels, schools, and nursing facilities
  • Garbage and rubbish chutes for multi-family residences and other multi-floor buildings
  • Specialty chutes for waste that requires specific handling
  • Compactors 
  • Installation

Our Partner for Trash and Linen Chutes

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