We are proud to be celebrating 40 years of expertise in commercial architectural products!

Services for Architects

Complete your commercial designs with amazing architectural products.
We’ve got tons in store for you. Plus all their specs.

We’re guessing you became an architect to create.

Not to source products, compare vendors, hunt for specifications, analyze the fine print, and produce technical documents.

That’s what we’re here for.

Let us take care of the product details so you can get back to creating.

Design Support Services for Commercial Architects

Technical product advisory services through all the phases of your projects


Product Discovery and Selection

You know the function and the aesthetic you want from the products you put into your designs. We help you discover the specific items, brands, styles, materials, and manufacturers that align with your vision and meet your design standards.

We’re here for you from project concept through your basis of design choices through all your drawing sets. Whether you’re at schematics, design development, permitting, or contractor documents, we inform your product selection and make it easy.


Product Budgeting

Best-fit products and meticulous specifications are just pie in the sky if the project budget can’t accommodate your selections. We work with you to find the balance among product quality, quantity, and cost.

We help you present a design that showcases premium modern products, within budget and without compromise.


Product Specification Documentation

For each product that we help you discover and place into your design, we prepare its full product specification document. Every word of it.

Our product specs meet all professional architectural standards and all state code requirements. They’re clean and thorough, just like your designs. And they include all the information you need on product components, features, quality, performance, preparation steps, and installation requirements.

You draw. We write.


With our Lunch and Learn events, you can earn many of the CEUs that the American Institute of Architects requires of its licensed members each year. We bring accredited courses and seminars (plus lunch!) directly to architects at their offices.

Learn more about our continuing education services and courses.

Superior Products for Discerning Architects

You’ll be excited to show these off in your commercial designs and see them in your completed projects.

Why use our architectural services?

We save you tons of resources and add some of our own.

Prioritize work, not busy work

Don’t spend your time and talent on product research when we can do that for you. Now you can focus on developing your portfolio, your skills, and your career.

Find products worthy of your vision

Your designs deliver the best in exterior and interior aesthetics and technology. Now you can select products that do the same.

Guarantee Sustainability

We help you discover products that minimize their impact on the environment. They deliver a beautiful, healthy, and efficient space by working with nature, not against it.

Rediscover real-world materials

You already have an abundance of digital tools to do your job. We broaden your exposure to the physical, tangible products and materials that bring your designs to life.

Impress project stakeholders

We add detail while subtracting turnaround time in all the designs and specs you need to deliver - to clients, contractors, regulators, and your own teams.

Put your firm’s expertise to better use

Good mentors and shared knowledge are priceless. Now your senior-level pros can help with actual architecture, not products.

What Does a Product Rep Do?

In this interview with Mentor Dino, a company offering mentoring and training to architectural professionals, Brad Bridges shares how we partner with architects in a hands-on approach that results in the best possible outcome for every project. 

Get help with product selection and specifications, in one conversation.